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Please Note: Our Rules and Regulations are subject to change. The most recent version of our Rules and Regulations will always be available here.

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Section 1: Age Groups, Divisions, Categories and Performance Levels
There are four classification segments. Entries will be divided as follows:

Section 1A: Age Groups
Each entry will be placed in one of the following age groups based on the average age of all competitors in the routine. Average age should be calculated by adding up the age of each competitor (as of the first day of competition) and dividing by the total number of competitors in the routine using integer ages (decimals are rounded).

Age Groups
Mini, 4-7
Petite, 8-9
Junior, 10-12
Teen, 13-15
Senior, 16-19
Adult, 20+

Section 1B: Divisions
Every entry will be placed in one of the following divisions based on the number of competitors in each routine:

Division          Number of Participants
Solo                1
Duet/Trio       2-3
Small Group   4-9
Large Group  10-19
Line                 20+
Production     15+

Note: Upon registering, entries with 15 or more dancers will be given the opportunity to register as a large group or production. Entries with 20 or more dancers will be given the opportunity to register as line or production.

Section 1C: Categories
Every entry will be placed in one of the following categories based on the descriptions that follow:

Acro: A routine containing acrobatic movement/gymnastics; routine must contain 50% dance choreography
Ballet: A routine containing classical Ballet technique; no acrobatic/gymnastic tricks are allowed in this category
Baton: A routine using baton(s) containing baton technique
Clogging: A routine containing clogging technique
Contemporary: A routine combining Jazz and Lyrical technique to interpret the music
Folk/Ethnic: A routine incorporating one or more ethnic styles of dance
Hip Hop: A routine containing Hip Hop technique from at least one of the various styles; no Jazz technique
Jazz: A routine containing Jazz technique
Lyrical: A routine in which dancers interpret the lyrics of the song
Modern: A routine containing Modern dance technique to interpret the music
Musical Theater: A routine interpreting the music using song, dialogue and/or dance
Open: A routine consisting of multiple or unspecified styles of dance
Photogenic: A submission of a high-resolution photo, judged on overall appearance
Pointe: A routine containing Pointe technique; no acrobatic/gymnastic tricks are allowed in this category
Pom: A routine that uses pom poms for more than 50% of the performance
Student Choreography: A routine choreographed by students with minimal assistance from an instructor
Tap: A routine containing Tap technique; no pre-recorded Tap sounds in the music; Tap shoes must be worn
Vocal: A routine that is any type of vocal presentation; no lead vocals are allowed; backup vocals are permitted

*Note: Soloists may only perform one solo per category. Routines in the Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Contemporary, Modern, Hip Hop, Street Jazz, Musical Theater, Baton, Clogging and Folk/Ethnic categories may not contain more than three acrobatic tricks. Routines exceeding this limit will be subject to a three-point deduction. An acrobatic trick is defined as one continuous pass where the performer is completely inverted. Examples: round off back handspring back tuck, round off band hand spring, round off back layout, etc.

Section 1D: Performance Levels
Upon registering, performance level will be chosen per dancer by the studio director. Group entry levels will be averaged based on the registered dancers in said entry. Performance levels are defined as follows:

Competitive Levels
Recreation – Twinkle Star: Dancers in the Recreation level should train no more than 3 hours per week. Note: placement in the Recreation level is left to the discretion of the instructor, however, our judging panel may move the entry up if deemed necessary.
Intermediate – Future Star: Dancers in the Intermediate level should train 4-5 hours per week. Note: placement in the Intermediate level is left to the discretion of the instructor, however, our judging panel may move the entry up if deemed necessary.
Competitive-Advanced –  Shining Star: Dancers in the Competitive-Advanced level should train for 6 or more hours per week.

*Note: If a soloist is registered in more than one solo at any one Battle Star competition, the lowest level of competition the competitor may be registered into is Intermediate. Group entries consisting of 50% or more competitive level dancers will automatically be registered for the Competitive division.

Up to the top 10 scoring entries in each level, division and age group will be announced. Entries entered in the Recreation and Intermediate divisions will not be eligible for cash prizes. You may move an entry up a level the day of the event if the entry has not performed, however, you may not move an entry down a level at the event. The Pointe category can only be entered in the Competitive-Advanced level.

Section 2: Scoring and Awards
Each entry will receive a total score out of 300 possible points. These scores will be used for adjudicated awards as well as overall awards. Each entry will be scored using three judges.  Each judge will give each entry a score out of 100 possible points. The three scores will be added together to produce the total adjudication and overall score.

Section 2A: Scoring
Based on these total scores each entry will receive an award as follows:

Scoring Scale
Platinum: 300-290.10
High Gold: 283-284
Gold: 277-282
High Silver: 271-276
Silver: 261-270
Bronze: 235-260

Section 2B: High Scores and Cash Prizes
In addition to adjudicated awards, the top scoring routines will be recognized. The number of top scores announced will be determined by the number of entries in each division and level. The top scoring entry in each competitive division will be awarded a cash prize as shown below:

Cash Prizes
Solo, $100
Duet/Trio, $100
Small Group, $125
Large Group, $150
Line, $175
Production, $200

*Note: The Solo and Duet/Trio Competitive divisions must have at least 15 entries for cash prizes to be awarded. All Competitive group divisions (including Productions) must have at least 10 entries for cash prizes to be awarded. All cash prizes will be made payable to the studio or studio director. No soloist may place more than twice in any single overall. If a soloist places with more than two routines, only the two highest scoring solos will be announced. No cash prizes will be awarded in the Recreational and Intermediate levels. Entries in the Vocal and Monologue categories will not be eligible for overalls or cash prizes.

Section 2C: The Battle Star Award
The Battle Star Award will be awarded to one studio at each of our Regional Competitions and National Finals. This award will be decided by a total studio score. The total studio score will be calculated by totaling the top five highest scoring routines from each studio (excluding solos, duets and trios and all    adult divisions).   The studio with the highest studio score will receive the Battle Star Award along with a $200 cash prize at a Regional event and $400 cash prize at a National Finals. Group entries of all levels will be counted toward the Battle Star Award. *Note: The event must be hosting over 150 entries for a cash prize to be given out.

Section 2D: Judges’ Awards
In addition to adjudicated awards, high score awards and the Battle Star Award, our judges will be selecting entries for Judges’ Awards based on extraordinary attributes to a dance. Judges’ Awards are not based on adjudicated scores.

Section 2E: Photogenic
Battle Star’s photogenic contest consists of two ages: 12 & under and 13 & over. Photogenic entries are submitted/registered for/paid for at the competition at the merchandise booth. Photogenic entries must be turned in at least three hours prior to the last group award ceremony of the weekend, which is the ceremony where photogenic winners will be announced. 

Section 2F: Scoring Criteria
Each dance will be adjudicated on the following three criteria weighted as follows:

Technique: Points Awarded, 1-45
Execution & Showmanship: Points Awarded, 1-45
Costume & Choreography: Points Awarded, 1-10

*Note: Scoring is calculated using one decimal place (e.g. 287.1). Video critiques will be accessible for up to three months after your event.

Section 3: Time Limits, Music and Props Section 3A: Time Limits
The following list contains each division’s time limit:

Time Limits (Minutes:Seconds)
Solo: 2:45
Duet/Trio: 2:45
Small Group: 3:15
Large Group: 4:00
Line: 4:00
Production: 8:00

*Note: Routines exceeding their time limits may be subject to a 0.5-point deduction for every 10 seconds the routine runs beyond the allotted time limit as stated above. Studio Directors: Please contact us for information on extended time options. 

Section 3B: Music
All music must be cut, edited and of the correct pitch. Our staff is not capable of making music edits or alterations onsite. All tempos, pitches and keys must be correct on each track. Music containing inappropriate lyrics will be subject to a 5-point deduction. Music must be of a reasonable volume and uploaded 72 hours prior to the start of the event. Studio owners should have at least two backup copies of all music. One (1) wireless microphone and/or one (1) wired microphone can be provided by Battle Star for usage during an entry. Battle Star does not allow any outside microphones of any kind.

Section 3C: Mandatory Music Upload
Studio directors must submit their music electronically via our online music upload system located within your studio account at Battle The following formats will be accepted: MP3 and MP4. Music may only be uploaded after your registration has been finalized for your event. Music must be uploaded no less than 72 hours prior to the start of your event. Music upload is mandatory. Please be sure to upload the correct version of your music as pitch and speed cannot be adjusted at the event. Please bring a backup copy of your music to your event in the form of i-Pod, i-Pad or USB.

Section 3D: Props
All props must be mobile and under the watch of someone from your studio always.
•    Props must be brought on and off stage in a timely manner (1-minute maximum).
•    Props may not be in the wings for more than a few numbers prior to the routine (based on the stage manager’s discretion).
•    Props must be removed from the wings immediately after the routine.
•    Props must be stored away from pedestrian & vehicle traffic & NOT back stage, in the lobby or any inconvenient location.
•    Fire, swords, knives, guns, live animals, powders, liquids, glitter, confetti, paint, sand, etc. are NOT allowed.
•    Routines causing prop delay may be subject to a three-point deduction.
•    Prop coordinators are required to follow ALL instructions as per the Battle Star stage crew always.
•    All props must fit through a standard 36-inch-wide doorway.
•    Props cannot be stored in the venue until the day of the performance.
•    Props placing the dancer 12 feet or higher off the ground are deemed unsafe and are prohibited.

Section 4: Sportsmanship, Entry Fees, Discounts and Other Rules Section 4A: Sportsmanship
All competitors, teachers, studios owners, family members and audience members are required to show respect, courtesy and sportsman-like behavior to all competitors, staff, teachers, etc.  at all times during the competition. We aim to create a healthy competitive environment in which dancers can enjoy themselves while gaining valuable performance experience as well as learning the nature of healthy competition and enjoying their experience.  We reserve the right to remove anyone from an event if he/she is hindering the achievement of any of the above goals.  No air horns, bells, whistles or other noise making devices are allowed.

Section 4B: Discounts and Payments

Studio Directors: Please contact us for discount information!

All competition fees must be received in full 15 days before the start of the competition. Entries submitted after such time may not be eligible for the event. Payments must be made by credit card, certified check or money order after the 30-day mark. Personal checks will only be accepted 30 days   or more prior to the event. Studio credits are applicable at all Battle Star events (excluding deposits). Studio credits must be used by the studio they were awarded to (Please see studio credit stipulations under Additional Rules).

Section 4C: Competition Entry Fees
Below you will find information pertaining to regional and national competition entry fees:

Competition Entry Fees: Studio Directors, Please contact us for entry fee information!
Solo, Duet/Trio, Small Group, Large Group, Line, Production, and Photogenic    

Section 4D: Additional Rules
Smoking is prohibited in or around the competition area. We ask that all smokers stand at least 50 yards from the competition venue to preserve the well-being of our dancers, audience members and our staff members.

Soloists that choose to exit the stage prior to the conclusion of their solo will be eligible for adjudication only and will not be eligible for overall or category placement (this does NOT include music malfunction or costume malfunction).

Unless a piece of choreography has been copy written, Battle Star cannot enforce ANY plagiarism policies.

Dancers may NOT exit or jump off the front of the Battle Star stage at ANY time during a Battle Star event (including performances).

We ask that all competitors and attendees alike please wear proper footwear always at all Battle Star events to ensure their safety.

No cash refunds will be issued under ANY circumstances. Account credits will ONLY be given for injured/sick competitors with a legitimate doctor’s note. No credits will be issued during or after the completion of the event. "Day-Of" scratches due to injured dancers will not be issued credits. All credits will be issued to the account of which the dancer was registered. Credits may ONLY be used toward the entry fees/media fees/national’s fees of a Battle Star event; they are not valid at the merchandise booth or registration deposits.

Competitors may only compete with one studio per event. Battle Star Productions LLC and host venue are not responsible for any personal injury/property loss before, during or after the event. All competitors will be judged by a well-qualified panel of judges. All judging decisions are final. A studio must have five entries to receive a custom, studio plaque.

Video cameras and still cameras are prohibited inside all competition venues. To protect the choreographer’s right and the safety and privacy of all competitors, we reserve the right to confiscate all recording devices used during an event and/or disqualify an entry.  All competitors, teachers and studio owners consent to the use of video, audio and photographs for use in promotional material without royalty, fee or other compensation. By attending or competing in a Battle Star regional or national event you are agreeing to the use of your image and likeness by Battle Star Productions LLC, all partners and affiliates. Violation of this policy will result in ejection from the event.

All competitors, teachers, studios owners, family members and audience members are required to comply with rules and regulations set forth by our hosting venue. Those who do not may be removed from the event by either Battle Star’s staff or the hosting venue’s staff.

Competitors, teachers, studio owners and prop coordinators are the only persons allowed in the wings/backstage area. To minimize delay, we ask that all parents, family members and audience members remain in the main venue or the lobby.

If a routine cannot perform during their allotted time and award ceremony, the routine will be eligible for adjudication, but not an overall score or category placement.

All media is delivered in digital format; No DVDs will be issued. 

Hallways may NOT be used for changing, makeup application, storage of personal items or for any other reasons other than traveling throughout the building.

Battle Star Dance LLC reserves the right to cancel all events due to lack of registration, inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Furthermore, Battle Star Dance LLC reserves the right to change an event’s location, venue and/or date(s). 
Upon changing a location, venue and/or date(s), a representative from Battle Star LLC will contact your studio. Battle Star will not be held liable for any costs endured for any type of travel arrangements made upon cancelling an event or an event selling out, including but not limited to: hotel fees, transportation fees or bank fees. 

We HIGHLY recommend registering for an event prior to making ANY travel arrangements.